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    Team Honda Talon Factory Racing Announces Drivers for 2020

    what class are they going to run in BITD ? Are they doing a whole season ?
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    Who wants to qualify UTV's for The Mint 400 at King of The Hammers?

    Matt, has the cost for the UTV class been released yet ? For the mint 400 race
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    Mint 400 results

    Hi Steven you can find on the mint 400 site or go to fishgistics
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    Come join us at Hammertown! - Booth #53

    We will be there
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    Do you need GPS to race

    If the courses you race are marked well I would imagine you could race with out it. If you plan to be competitive I would highly recommend you learning it and studying it, if your in dust or running a fast pace and corners come up you will not know what’s coming up without a gps. My co driver is...
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    Laughlin desert classic UTV night race

    last nights UTV race was a blast the weather was perfect and the light rain we had made driving conditions amazing. Here's the unofficial results
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    My Final Story | Joey D. // UTVUnderground

    this will be such a great move for your future Joey at some point as a self employed business owner you have to start thinking about that big Retirement word and this will be a great opportunity for you and the family. The Romo's wish you nothing but success and great fortune this definitely is...
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    2018 Baja 500 winner Brandon Sims Interview

    This was a great interview, it gives us new to the desert guys/daughter lol a look into what it takes to run a top team on not a huge budget. It shocked me to hear he made it all 550 miles on 1 belt, that's crazy!! Great job Branden
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    Can-Am Vs. Polaris - Officially Equal?

    We have to keep the motor stock, turbo stock, and suspension mounting points stock. This is our first seanson desert racing and from what I can see it doesn't matter how much money you spend you can't buy a finish! I have seen the best drivers in the game on the side of the road flipped over...
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    The XX was the fastest car at WORCS today.

    Ray is a good driver I'm sure we will see him on the podium more this season, I believe this was the 3rd worcs race if I'm not mistaken for the XX the first 2 races I believe he had some issues. As far as horse power he raced in the pro stock class he did not race against the turbos that was a...
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    It seems like Polaris is helping a lot of privateer teams this season with parts. I don't think they could help everyone that decides to go racing lol but I know they keep a very close eye on the all the racers out there that are doing good and have a good social media presence. At the end of...
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    1958 UTVWC Race Report

    "old man Romo" man I feel old when the real old man calls me old man Thanks for flipping me over George...we definitely were able to salvage the race, we dropped to 47th and came back to 13th so it was a decent day Please tell me more about this Bradbury story so I can give him crap at our next...
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    Best Jumper Packs?

    I have and use the antigravity one and it works great. I have even started my diesel pusher with it.
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    Ryan Piplic is running a new dynamix this year in worcs and is really liking the set up with the adjustments on the fly. He has been playing with the valving a bit also to fine tune to his needs
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    Stock youth 250 side x side rule change

    They are cracking down on rules for sure. I asked if I could run a k and n filter in my stock air box with the sparks billet adapter and was turned down. That's in the sxs pro stock class. So maybe he's trying to keep it a stock as possible class ?? As far as I know we can't run race fuel in the...

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