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    True 4 Seat DSR1 build

    nice dezert/dune buggy/sandcar build. nice fabwork as well
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    Need new motor parts or good motor builder please.

    Chris at Benchmark Performance, and he gives discounts on factory parts as well. none better IMO 760-484-0986 Rog
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    Battery help!

    your charging system will not keep up with all of that, in many cases you can convert those halogens to HID with a 30-50$$ kit, this would help alot, over buying a new battery. the rhino alt kits worked very well, the "upgraded" stators not very well.
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    RZR XP900 paddle tire testing

    the doonz don't do well on the 900 IMHO.
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    Yamaha clutch on 08 Rhino not engaging

    check the belt, if belt is good, he may need to check to see if a roller is stuck in the sheave. next the wet clutch may be bad (worn shoes) next the teeth could be stripped on the primary shaft.
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    Need suggestions

    and I put years and thousands of miles on my rhino with a K&N and never had anything in the intake.
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    All UTV's Adjusting Toe

    actually the molds are that good. you can use the inside to the wheel if you want. or you can put a pice of straight edge on each wheel and measure front and rear, many ways to skin a cat. do not jack it up to do this, it needs to be at ride height and same height on tire/wheel front to...
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    sr1 wiring question

    the kickstand switch has to be bypassed, we had one do this already or you have to find nuetral to start just like the bike would without pulling in the clutch. but you prob do not have a micro switch on your clutch now?? it prob won't affect the 6 volts though
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    sr1 wiring question

    uh, 6 volts at the coils ;)
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    All UTV's Adjusting Toe

    just use the same lug of the tread on each tire for toe measurement. toe out turns better for short course, but can make it a bit drifty at high speeds, generally we set them at 0 or 1/8 in, except for short course.
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    Hate stopping or waiting in line to dump?

    I have my dump clean out on my septic tank, work great now for over 8 years.
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    Official UTVUnderground 2012 WORCS RD1 Glen Helen Pictures & Results Thread

    makes sense, since the latches on those pro armor doors (in the pic)apparantly are not up to the task of staying shut, just sayin. :confused: again it is great to see such a turn out, but some safety things should not be excused, even once. It only takes one tragedy for all of this fun to go...
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    Official UTVUnderground 2012 WORCS RD1 Glen Helen Pictures & Results Thread

    thanks for the reply, now adress the no head net? this could have been a catastrophic injury possibility? no??
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    Official UTVUnderground 2012 WORCS RD1 Glen Helen Pictures & Results Thread

    first great pics by all. :cool: secondly I thought you had to have 6 point cages and solid doors????????? I thought ISA was teching cars???? IMHO this is no way to start a set of rules and letting cars compete that do not meet the rules, just my .02 the pics clearly show a rzr with the...
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    Bryan Osborn WINS LOORRS overall UTV Rookie of the year

    Now Bryan can use your signature line, just change 2009 to 2011 and add SR1. he sure can!!!!! :cool::D

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