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    Dec 1, 2010
    A couple weeks ago I purchased a 72" eagle plow with power angle after reading posts for the past two years and hearing of people bending plows, mounts and plow frames made by other companies. When ordering a plow I chose the heaviest made one on the market. I was nervouse at first being a fabricator I figured it would not be to my standards and I would need to reinforce it. I also was worried about other forum members having there diff bolts loosening up from the plow mount. I figured the mount would need to be bolted differently. When I received my Eagle plow I was blown away! This plow was reinforced where need be and built to my high strength standards. When I attached the mounting plate I noticed it no longer bolted on using the diff bolts, but instead mounted around the frame on the front of the mount and to a cross member for the rear of the mount. Having no snow I worked this plow in the dirt for 2 hours to try it out. The plows operation was flawless. It rolled sod like no bodies buisness and the power angle didn't budge an inch when hitting the rough stuff. I again was impressed. Not only does it look good and is made strong. It operates Flawless. It weighed in at a little over 160 and didn't sink my RZR very much at all. I would recomend this plow over the Polaris ones and the other bendable big name brands. Did I mention it is made in the USA. Maybe that is why it is made of good thick steel. It was worth every penny and should have no problem pushing snow. I also did everything myself and I am a paraplegic. It was pretty simple to put on and took me just a couple of hours. Thanks again to the guys at KGMotoTires@aol.com . The service was second to none !!!

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